This schedule is preliminary and may have slight changes. The final version will be done before January 1st.

  • Topic 1

    Theoretical Fundaments in the Conservation and Restoration of Books.

  • Topic 2

    Conservation Education and the Future of Rare Book Collections: The Role of Connoisseurship

  • Topic 3

    The Future of Rare Book Collections and its Consequences for Conservation and Access

  • Topic 4

    Recognizing, Classifying and Manufacturing Decorated Paper

  • Topic 5

    Investigating the Causes of Paper Strength Loss after Aqueous Treatment

  • Topic 6

    Damage of Paper Due to Visible Light Sources Irradiation and Post-Radiation Effects After Years of Storage in Darkness

  • Topic 7

    Archival Records: Where History, Paper Technology and Preservation Meet

  • Topic 8

    Documentation of Watermarks in Paper by X-ray Radiography

  • Topic 9

    The Future of Rare Book Collections and its Consequences for Conservation and Access

  • Topic 10

    Time in Conservation and Archives: A Crucial Term for the Conservation Education

  • Topic 11

    A Comparative Study in Restoration Methodology

  • Topic 12

    Need of research in the Everyday work of the Librarian and the Archivist Preservation of the Library and Archive Collections

  • Topic 13

    Perspectives and Development Needs of National and Regional Libraries and Archives

  • Topic 14

    Possibilities, Perspectives and Obstacles in Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration

  • Topic 15

    Technical Approaches to Manuscript Analysis and Reconstruction

  • Topic 16

    Usage of a Special New Chemical Preparation During the Conservation Process

  • Topic 17

    Practical Applications of Acrylic Dispersions in Paper Conservation

  • Topic 18

    Scientific Approach in Conservation and Restoration of Leather and Parchment Objects in Archives and Libraries

  • Topic 19

    The Influence of Hydrolytic and UV Treatment on Properties of Leather Used in Book Conservation

  • Topic 20

    A Refinement of Knowledge about Book Constructions and the Implications for Restoration, Preservation or Conservation Treatments

  • Topic 21

    Joint Tacketing an Essential Collection Preservation Tool

  • Topic 23

    Cleaning of Soiled Paper Model Samples Using Short and Ultrashort Laser Pulses

  • Topic 22

    Study on the Adaptation of Biocellulose Nano Fibres to Restoration of Historical Paper, Parchment and Textiles