Our mission

Association of Libraries and Archives of the Western Ukraine (ALAWU) – a non-for-profit, non-Governmental organization that brings together volunteer libraries, archives and other institutions and organizations professionally involved with the library and archival business, or those that contribute to its development and located in Western Ukraine.
The main purpose of ALAWU is to bring together, support and coordinate the activities of its members in order to maintain and develop libraries and archives in Ukraine.

Core goals

  • Library Policy and Legislation.

  • Scientific and practical activity.

  • Social protection of workers’ libraries and archives.

  • Protects the rights of library and archives users.

  • Organizing and conducting training and projects on the use, restoration, conservation and storage of library and archival collections.

  • International Cultural and educational activities.

  • Publishing and printing activities.

  • Promoting the introduction of modern information and computer technology (ICT) in the library and archival activities, the development on the basis of their information resources, services and individual services, technology, corporate work.

  • Project development documents, programs, expert examination of existing instruments governing relations in the information sphere and to harmonize the different practices in the use of ICT in libraries operating in Western Ukraine.

  • Conduct educational training for the staff of libraries and archives of all kinds aimed at enhancing professional competence and awareness of librarians and archivists about the latest achievements in the field of ICT and the possibilities of using them in a professional activity.

Our experience

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